Me at art class (cropped)

My interest in painting started when our daughter took lessons from Jane Romanishko years ago.  We lived out of town, so I saved gas by staying with Laura and took lessons too.  Jane said once that there's a little artist in everyone, and she was very patient at helping us discover ours.  Jane is a wonderful lady and her art work is gorgeous.  Check her out at

I'm currently in my seventh year of acrylic painting classes with Wes Jones of Airdrie, Alberta.   Wes is a very talented man and somehow manages to help us each develop our own style while we all work on entirely different projects.  His sense of humour is probably what keeps him sane!  Thanks so much, Wes!   As well as being a highly talented painter of western art, Wes has his own very successful house painting and colour consulting business.  He can be contacted at 403-828-5301. 

When not painting, I’m at the gym or races with Wayne and now have five Spartan Sprint, three 5K (including the 2017 Boston Marathon 5K) and the 2016 Amsterdam Marathon’s 8K under my belt so far! 2017 will be busy, with Calgary Scotiabank’s Canada 150 10K, the West Coast Trail, and Melissa’s Road Race Half Marathon!

I can be reached at or on Facebook "Wayne and Sharon's Caffeine 'n' Diesel".