Wayne (ViewBug)

Wayne has taken photography courses at ACAD and SAIT in Calgary.  He likes experimenting with different camera settings and enjoys the no-stress hobby of photography "just for fun" plus the happy surprise when a shot works out perfectly.

He has volunteered for the Calgary Stampede on various committees for 29 years and has just served his seventh and last year as a Stampede volunteer on the Western Photo Gallery committee for the Stampede's Western Showcase.  If you've never seen it, check out the Western Oasis at next year's Calgary Stampede - it's a very relaxing place to take a break from the activity on the Stampede grounds.  westernshowcase.com

Wayne’s passion is keeping fit at the gym.  Four 10K's and five Spartan Sprints completed so far.  He ran in the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon in summer 2016, was the 2nd fastest Male in his age category, and qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon!! He ran 2016 Amsterdam Marathon’s Half Marathon and is in Calgary Scotiabank Marathon’s Canada 150 “150K Relay”! Wayne just completed the 2017 Boston Marathon and ran it with a PR and a negative Split!   Then it’s off to the West Coast Trail and Melissa’s Road Race Half Marathon.  Oh, and Calgary Policeman’s Half Marathon somewhere in there.  We just call him Running Man!

Wayne can be reached at wshuttl@efirehose.net or on Facebook "Wayne and Sharon's Caffeine 'n' Diesel".